Brand-New Topographic

For our first task, we were given a quote from a photographer. With this quote we were sent around Coventry to take images which we felt related to this quote,

‘If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough’ – Robert Capa

When I heard ‘Close’ I instantly thought about using a Macro Lens. Therefore I could take images from up close to reveal interesting subjects. I wanted to take pictures of things in which are not that interesting when it was far away. Therefore having a macro lens gave style to my pictures. This is what I based my task on. Photographing subjects that look like nothing from afar but when up close, it looks like something completely different.

I made most of my pictures black and white because this also hid the identity of what I was taking the pictures of. For this task I wanted to experiment with different thing within editing. I liked how these final images have turned out to look like.