154MC – Letter to Self

Hello Charlotte of 2015, 2014 Charlotte here. When I was given the task of writing a letter to myself, I didn’t know how to start. How honest should I be? Then I realised that this letter is for myself, and not for other people. So I’m going to be as honest as I can be for my sake. As you’re reading this you’re probably out of your mind with stress about the future. I know I am. Hopefully, now is the time where you’ve finally settled into a brand new life that you have started, something which right now I am very nervous about. Instead of calling your Coventry accommodation a prison or a chickens coop, you can call this place home.

When I think about University, I think about those typical American movies where you bring in a notebook and the reddest apple into class. I’m coming from a school where I was the biggest fish in the pond, to now be converted to the smallest fish in the big pond. That is a scary thought but it’s something which I have to live.

I have learned very quickly that University is not a place to mess around and become the typical teenager. Instead it is a place that will allow me to gain experience living with complete strangers. A place where I have no choice but to live independently. I have been given the opportunity to recieve an experience that not many people have the privilege to accept. This year I want to work hard and get the best out of my degree to reach my goals.

Coventry was my ideal location as it is a two hour drive from my hometown, Essex. I forced myself to attend a University which was far and out of my comfort zone so that I won’t be tempted to run back home to Mother when times got tough. I hope you haven’t done so!! I personally haven’t explored the city of Coventry to its full potential yet, so I’m not sure what’s in store for me here yet. I guess that’s what’s so great about Coventry as there is lots of places to explore.

Two weeks before I came here I was a nervous wreck. I wasn’t going to go to university at first as I didn’t think I was ready to be independent. Moving into a brand new location where I knew nobody. I decided it would be really beneficial for me as I will never get this experience again. So I hope it’s paying off, that you’ve settled in well, and have really captured the grasp of the course in the first few weeks, and you’re learning a lot out of it, as well as having the time of your life. Especially when I have read how beneficial the photography course will be for your future. I hope that I rise up to the challenge of the years to come.

As I begin to mentally prepare myself for University I have a million and one thoughts of what to expect – wondering what my flat mates and classmates are like – will I get on with them – will they be fun? Clean? Friendly? What if I don’t get on with them? Everyone says the friends you make at University are ones for life; I’m wondering would this be the case for me?

I can admit that I am not a independent person, I don’t like to be alone when in a sticky situation. I know that there will be times where I will feel lonely but I know that everyone else is in the same boat as me. Somehow, I am looking forward to be alone, it will allow me to get my work done and to make me think more about what I want for the future.

But it’s not just University I’m excited for, it’s my life! This is the next big step in growing up. It will take me further into the world and excel my expectations, I don’t doubt its going to be hard to make it where I want to be but this is one little step closer.

At this current point now in my life I’m at a very happy. I have a very supportive family who will go through everything with me. Although in 2014, things in your family life wasn’t at it’s best, but you kept going and ignored the negatives. You have people who love you no matter what – that is all you need. This is something that you will learn in life. Things will never be perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist. You have to keep your head high and see the positives in life. Happiness is a choice. If you don’t see the bright side of life, you’ll be stuck in a never ending wheel of unhappiness. I have an amazing set of friends who will stay with me for life. Which I hope that you have kept as well as gained more.

My advice to you would be, if you’re happy as your reading this, keep doing what you’re doing and if your not for any reason change it. Its your life and you’re the only person who can change it. If you don’t feel like you have completed first year as well as you could of then, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? If you tried your hardest, there is nothing else you could have done. What happens, happens, and what’s meant to be will be. There will be people in your life who will come and go, but that’s okay. Don’t let anything/anyone stop you from achieving your goals and expectations for yourself. Don’t stop, and rise to the challenges that will face you. Everything will be alright!! You’re doing amazingly now, so I hope you continue to do so!