154MC – Summer Task 1 Practical

Over the summer I got set the task to create a visual diary, from what I saw when I first woke up to when I’m back to sleep again. I thought this task to be very simple, as it is just take picture of a single day of the summer. I began thinking differently and outside the box, as I didn’t want to create something that a lot of people would. Then I thought, everyday is different, everyone’s lives are different. Everyone lives in a different town and I different house. So this task is very unique as everyone pictures aren’t going to be the exact same.

I took snapshots on what I saw each time I did something different. When I woke up, to brush my teeth, and then to get ready for the day. In the description of this task it says I have to be as intimate and honest as I’m able to be, so whether I’m sitting on the sofa watching TV to having a shower. To be honest, looking back on what I have produced, I picked a pretty boring day to document. I just woke up, went to the toilet, watched TV, did my makeup, and go out for a meal with my boyfriend. However, I wanted these pictures to show a normal day of mine. I didn’t want to document something out of the ordinary, which I wouldn’t do on a regular day. So maybe these boring pictures represent how my life is. So I believe I was honest as I could be with these images.

The brief gave themes such as loss/materiality/ relationships/space/tempo/rhythm as examples. So I thought about take pictures of the people who are close to me, which I have done. I wanted to bring my own style to these images, so I have take pictures of objects close up to the camera, and not from a distance. The images of which I produced for this task is listed below. I think the images of mine are ‘okay’ but not as artistic as I hoped them to be. As this project is somewhat, just pictures of my life. I wanted it to show a true representation of that was going on during my day.