Paul M Smith


Girls – Paul Smith

On the 6th of November, I received a talk by photographer Paul M smith. He gave me a great insight into his life and images that he has produced. He showed me the amount of things he had done and achieved. I found this talk very inspirational as it gave me a positive attitude towards my own future. He was very positive and proud of his bodies of work, I just hope I have the same approach to my own work in the future.

The way that he planned his life has led him to many opportunities, which has shaped the type of photographer he is today.

In this talk he gave me a story of his background and where he came from. At the age of 16 Paul joined the army and was trained as an engineer during the cold war. He soon learnt that this wasn’t the path he wanted to go down. He then later retrained as a paramedic where he thought he could use his skills to a better potential. From this he became fixed behind a camera lens. In his spare time he photographed events and people around him which gave him inspiration to continue to be a professional photographer. His talent was soon spotted by the people around him. They realised they had a trained professional photographer as well as a paramedic. Paul then took the role as a photographer, photographing the war in action. He spent four years doing so which produced a series of work that became an exhibition.


Celebrate – Paul Smith

Once he left the army, he wanted to develop his photographic skills further. Therefore he took a Foundation Art Course. Then later enrolled at Coventry University taking Fine Art. Throughout his time at Coventry University he took his time to travel and visit various exhibitions, one of which was at London, viewing the works of Jimmy Pike. Pike greatly inspired him and in fact became in close contact with Paul. Jimmy introduced Paul to a community to which helped Paul’s photography career.

Paul Smith has worked for the Duke of Edinburgh awards, simply photographing the events. From this he was recognised for his talent and was referred to as a photographer of residence. He soon started doing larger pieces for them and met Prince Edward, whom he soon started working closely with, leading him to further opportunities and in fact went out to Africa with him. This work helped him gain a place at the Royal College of Art where he would go to complete his masters in Photography.

Paul’s career has taken him to many different paths and directions which has shaped him to a remarkable photographer. He has many series of work including Artist Rifles, Make My Night, This is not Pornography, Robbie Williams, Heroes and Mr Smith.

Overall, I very much enjoy his work as it is very different to what I have seen before. He has experimented with a number of different styles and achieved some great work.