Starting Point for Assignment 1

My hypothosis of Assignment 1 is to present final images, that are related to my theme. When given to brief, I had a few main ideas that I want to excel in and develop in more detail. This can be done by researching into different photographers that photograph similar to what I want to achieve. I need to consider how these images are going to look and to be presented.

I started off by considering my audience. Who is going to be viewing my photograph and who will find it interesting. I then began to actually think about my learning outcomes for the module, this involving me showing a clear understanding of what I am actually taking images of. Before I start shooting I will need to find photographers that will give me inspiration into what direction I will be taking for this assignment. On my blog I plan to show evidence of research and development which will support my final piece. Overall I need to make sure I show how my research backs up and supports how I reached my final decision, how my tests shots supports this and show my progression through this assignment including any good and bad changes.