Teacher’s Diary – Review


When watched Wonder Mama, I watch ‘The Teacher’s Diary’. From having no experience watching a Chinese film before Wonder Mama, I had high hopes for A Teacher’s Diary, as I enjoyed Wonder Mama very much.

A Teacher’s Diary is a Thai comedy/drama. Within minutes into watching A Teachers Diary, I knew it would be completely different. The film was opened by a modern soundtrack overviewing stunning snapshots of Southern Bangkok. While this was happening, two storylines developed running parallel to each other. These stories both featured about a Miss Anne and the other Mr Song. Both of which are teachers. They both teach the same pupils at a school which was situated one a boathouse but one year apart. Miss Anne kept a diary whist being a teacher. Describing the pupils, what she would do on a day to day basis, and funny stories about the children. Miss Anne’s diary is found whilst Mr Song is teaching at the school, He begins to develop feelings for Miss Anne, even when they haven’t met before. Mr Song reads the whole of the diary whilst teaching a small group of sometimes misbehaved children.  Near the end of the film, it is an end to the school year. Mr Song moves onto a different path, as Miss Anne moves back to teaching at the boathouse. When she is back, she realises that her diary has been read and expanded on. Making an extra bond between the two strangers. I could tell from this point onwards that its a ‘would they ever meet?’ ‘Will they be together?’ The film ends with the two characters looking at each other for the first time. Then the credits roll. At this point a million and one questions are left to the audience. ‘What happens next?’

The one thing I enjoyed about this film is the way the camera uses different angles to each shot. The colour palette was vibrant and exciting most of the time, to balance with the comedic and upbeat values in the film. To contrast with this, some parts of the film softened when portraying the natural landscape of Thailand. I believed that ‘The Teachers Diary’ lived up to it’s name of a comedy. The whole audience laughed at a joke, instead of a few people. This film was the typical Hollywood story as two characters fell in love, and they finally meet at the end of the movie. Having the cliffhanger as ‘Do they be together?’ ‘What happens next is the typical style of Hollywood. The directer himself said ‘I left the film on a cliffhanger, as I want the audience to wonder on the ending themselves. It’s their choice what happens next.’

I found it easy and enjoyable to watch. The one thing that was a downfall to this movie was the fact that it was very long until the two strangers met. When they meet the audience only see roughly a minute of interaction before the credits start to roll. Admittedly, you can see that this was the directors intention. Wanting the audience to watch the whole of he film to find out if they finally meet. Leaving the audience to make up the ending themselves. For me, I wanted to know more!