Wonder Mama – Review


At first I was unsure what I was letting myself in for when watching this film. Before viewing the film, I thought I was going to be watching one of theses typical Chinese movies where it was cartooned and animie themed. The fact that I had to follow subtitles made it a lot more less exciting. So I brought my notebook and pen into the premiere at the ready, so I could write anything that I can make notes on. However, during the film, I was fixed. At the end of the film, it was only then I realised I hadn’t written any notes. The film was very catching because it made the audience watch the screen at all times.

The overview of the film was a family whom are having various problems. The directer was very included in making the film. As it was a true story to the directer, he wanted it to be perfect in his view. He first went to Hong Kong with his story, he felt this was a mistake as they had wanted to change the story of the family too much. The directer thought that they included too many characters, which distracted the audience too much from the main storyline. He felt that they produced this story to more of a comedy and a ‘TV Drama’ instead of an intense film. This film had lots of qualities that helped it come together as an emotional piece of drama. Pausing was my favourite highlight of the film. Having the camera show the characters facial expressions for an extended time allowed the viewer the see the emotions of each character. Allowing the audience to feel for the character. Particulary, when the Mother irons her clothes. I feel as if there wasn’t much limelight for the son of the film. The son played the role of a comic. He was a modern teenage boy, and he came out with witty, quick one-liners. The audience used his character to  feel comfortable after an intense film. I think when parents get a divorce, it effects the children more. Therefore, I would of included more of the feelings which the son is feeling. As there will be many people within the audience who can relate to this situation.

One aspect of the film which I believed that brought alive was the language of the characters. Each character of the film swore a lot. ‘Slutty’, ‘Effing’ and ‘Bitch’. It became funny when this happened because it was very surprising. I don’t know why, but it was different to see those types of characters swearing. This made the film more relatable because it was realistic.

When I walked into the cinema, I defiantly saw the separation between Chinese and English. As it was a Chinese film, I knew there would be more of a chinese audience. But there were many English people who were interested as well. There were some scenes in the film which I didn’t find the humour. But the Chinese seemed to be loving it. I had no idea what was so funny to them. I was reading the subtitles word to word so I didn’t understand how I didn’t get the joke. However, there were some aspects of the film which I found funny, when the rest of the audience had straight faces. Therefore, I believe that anyone can watch this film.

When at the screening, I had the privilege to watch the film with the directer. After the film, the directer stayed for a Q&A session. In this session he mentioned that he was very surprised at how the audience laughed at scenes that weren’t intended to be funny. This shows that the humour from different countries are different. Meaning that anyone from any background can watch the film and like it as much as anyone else.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this film. I don’t normally go for dramatic ‘over the top’ dramatic scenes. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed watching Wonder Mama. I would recommend this film to anyone!