Assignment 1 – Concept 1

From the book, ‘Theories of Social Change’ it gave me the idea that there are some places in which everyone attends. In this picture it shows many people at a bus stop. Everyone can get a bus, therefore it is universal. Everyone in all cultures can be found in universal areas. Therefore my idea is to go to a location where I will find people from different backgrounds in one location. Even though they are in one location, they are not interacting with each other. Does this really make our country a multicultural one? Is this country welcoming people from different areas into this country? Do we actually interact with people? Or do we like to believe that this is the case?


 When looking into the book, Theories of Social Change. It is evident that if you’re from one culture, you are more likely to stay with the same people within you’re own culture. This picture represents that people who are from one area, stay with the same people. People get influenced by their surroundings. I believe that you are born with nothing. The way a child grows depends on the primary socialisation that it receives. Then this will develop into adulthood.This is a never-ending cycle. From this picture, it shows that if you know the area, you will find people of the same background. This is what I want to achieve with this project. Identify that people who look and act the same, will be together. Whereas, going back to the bus stop image. They do not interact with each other.


With the image above, the photographer, Francisco Brito, gives this description,

‘Are all cultures equally valid?
Should we be proud of western values? are they universal or are they as valid as anything else?
should we impose them to newcomers?
Multiculturalism is one of the great challenges that Europe is facing today.

The answer it’s not easy, but I think relativism won’t fix the problem.
You cannot say that Tiananmen happened because chinese culture is different form ours, or because they have a “different concept of human rights”.
You cannot say either that immigrants should be put out of your country because they have a diffent way of life.

There must be something more permanent, more immutable about human nature, that allows us to declare such values like freedom and the right to life, as universal values. That same immutable reason should also have the power to assure the respect for the legitimate cultural differences.’ 

He starts his description with ‘Are all cultures equally valid?’ This is something in which I intend to underline. Are there some cultures that are superior to others? Are there some cultures that we look down on and why? What makes a culture more important than another? He identifies that the reasoning for ‘discriminating’ against a certain group should not be that ‘they don’t see/ live in the world differently to others’ or that they have a different way of life. “There must be something more permanent’

In conclusion, this concept shows the audience that multicultural society exists, but not as we thought it would.

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