Assignment 1 – Update

At the moment, I am very confident with this project. However, I have a very vague idea of what I am going to be doing. I need to be more specific with what direction I am taking this assignment. I am going to search into more photographers who will give me inspiration on what I can do. I have already searched into Danny Lyon’s work, and he has given me the idea of going into a stereotype in society. From this I will be going into ‘Is our country really multicultural?’.

Our country is multicultural. This is a fact. But are we allowing it to develop? We live in a country where there are many people from different countries, religions, background, ethnicity and race. But the real question is, are we, as a country allowing these sort of people to mix? I think we’re not. This country is very good at allowing us to believe that we are great. ‘We are a happy country who are lovely and welcoming to everyone’. This is a lovely gesture. But this isn’t real.

Don’t get me wrong. I love England, but we are an excellent country to make people believe this ideology. There are many racial and discrimination around people who are different to the norm. This is hidden behind the theory that ‘This country is amazing’. This is what I want to bring out in my photography.

I am going to look into photographers that bring this concept out. I think this will be very difficult as there are not many photographers that are brave to bring this perception alive.