From my assignment 1, I have many unanswered questions in my head. Maybe these questions can never be answered. It is fact that we live in a Multicultural society. But the main question is, do we really? Yes, it is obvious that there are many different people, with different backgrounds and religions etc. living together in the same country. But are we ‘living together’ or just ‘neighbours’. In this country does everyone mix? Or do we still have our separate groups of different people. In todays feedback session, I began to discuss this with my lecturer. We both agreed that everyone has different views and opinions of the world. For example, we see all kinds of people in the Post Office or Supermarket etc. Outside of these locations do we really mix with everyone? I began to ask myself what does Multiculturalism actually mean.

‘Multiculturalism is an ideology that promotes the institutionalization of communities containing multiple cultures. It is generally applied to the demographic make-up of a specific place, usually at the organizational level, e.g. schools, businesses, neighborhoods, cities, or nations’.

What interested me about this quote is the word ‘ideology’. From what I have been taught, Ideology is a set of beliefs that effect an individual view. Instead of the initial belief that that person had. So is multicultralism a ideology? This is what I want to portray in my project.

With my study I will be carrying out a survey to see what are the views of the public are on about our country’s society. This will help me identify if people believe we live in harmony and there is no separation. I will post my results on my blog before I start shooting. After the survey I can have a hypothesis on what I am looking for. With my photography, I want to go against what the world believes and try and bring a different view to an individual.

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