Project Update

I took my camera out into the street, and found it really difficult to find images which I pictured in my mind. Reasons being, that I found it hard to photograph people who are walking around, minding their own business, going about their own lives. As they are not very willing to allow me to photograph them in their natural habitat. Instead, what I found interesting, was the british culture. I thought to myself, are people actually proud to be british? Do we, as a country, look after our environment. In London, it is very common that everything is very clean, because of people travelling to our city as a holiday destination. Whereas, in the counties on the outskirts of London, are not so clean and well kept.

When people think of England, they probably think of the typical red telephone box, bad weather, queuing, black taxi’s or sitting round a table, with a little finger up when drinking cups of tea. England won the war, and we are very proud of this. However, do we really pride our traditions? When walking around, trying to find situations to take photographs of, I looked around and thought to myself. ‘Britain isn’t really a pretty country’. I am very bias to say this. Obviously, it will be different when photographing in the country side, rather then a scummy environment. I thought to myself, ‘this is a really interesting concept to portray, for someone who is not living in Britain’. With this project, I will photograph the typical British traditions. My photographs will hopefully highlight that our country is only nice in well known places. I want to go behind the scenes of ‘Britain is amazing, Britain a proud country thats proud of it’s history’.

I am planning to photograph objects such as, telephone boxes, taxi’s etc. But not in the way people are used to.