Martin Parr

Martin Parr is a photographer that relates to my project very well. I take his photography very literal. What you see is what you get. I think his images represent Britain as an exaggeration. His photograph give us the view to see the world form his unique prospective. When looking at his photographs for the first time, it seems to be exaggerated. I see that his images consist of high contrast colours, which enhance the viewer to look more into the photograph. His photography includes subjects that highlight and in a way ‘penetrates’ the viewer on how we live. I believe that his photographs are very original, accessible, understandable and entertaining. It shows the audience how, as a country, we present ourselves to others.  It is all very well to think about this country as a whole, ‘this is an amazing country, everyone likes everyone and we all live in harmony’ this is obviously not the case when actually living in this country. This is what I want to express in my photography. Britain isn’t what its cut out to be.


Martin Parr was born May 23rd 1952. He is a photographer who is well known for different aspects of his bodies of work, which are related with the english channels. Throughout his career he has worked a lot with british culture and how certain things are presented in Britain. My favourite image is the one above as it shows the real identity of the characters within this image. Martin Parr photographs people in their own nature, this allows the viewer to see the true characters behind the person. His photography is very unique. He has a style which is very different from every other photographer. If you see an image, it is very easy to know if it’s by Parr. I find his photography very interesting as he captures the detail very well within his shots.



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