I was given the task to take a set of image which means something to you. As I’m two hours away from home, I didn’t know what to do other than my family. I was very limited to pick an object because there was not many things I wanted to present as an important thing to me. I thought of something outside of the box. Being at University can be very stressful, so its sometimes very difficult to see the bright side of life. I have this quote displayed in my bedroom, ‘Smile, and the world smiles with you’ This quote is very important to me. I believe that if you smile at someone, their mood changes automatically. If someone smiles at me, I instantly become happier. So if this happens to me, it must happen to someone else. This shoot was the first time I have used an analogue camera. I thought it was very challenging as I have to set the settings on the camera myself. However, I am very proud of how my images have turned out. Untitled 1 Untitledggg 1 As this quote is important to me, I had it on a piece of wood. I thought that having the lighting as artificial, will give it a edgy vibe. As the shadow of the outline of each letter will be drawn on the surface. I have given you two images from the series of images I made. I put the object on my laptop, which gave the image a smooth surface. Overall, I think this shoot went very considering this was the first time I have ever shot with an analogue camera. I now know what to do when shooting again with an analogue camera.