Maciej Dakowicz

When I came across this photographer, his photographs almost made me laugh. Maciej Dakowicz is a photographer who took four years taking images of the noisy streets of Cardiff on a Friday and Saturday night. He was very keen on photographing the people of Britain while he was there on his travels.


This body of work is called ‘Cardiff At Night’ The unique collection is aptly named ‘Cardiff At Night’. First taking up photography in 2003, Maciej has travelled to over 20 countries but says he has never encountered anything like the scenes he recorded here. Does this really show the culture at its best way. This is the style I want to portray with this project. To show how Britain really is, instead of showing it as a ‘pretty’ country.


‘They say that British people know how to party and have fun, but sometimes they don’t know when to stop,’ From these pictures it is easily shown that this statement from Dakowicz. Maciej moved to the the Welsh capital from Hong Kong in 2004 to take up a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Glamorgan.
‘It seems that here in Cardiff everybody is out on the weekend nights – hen and stag parties and vibrant groups. People drink a lot and they drink fast, so they get drunk very quickly.’ Yet despite some examples of excessive behaviour, Maciej says there is a lot of fun and good humour on the streets of the Welsh capital after hours.


‘People are usually friendly and we often have a good laugh, Many people like to pose to photos, but I prefer natural looking images, so I tell them to be natural, and then they often make funny ‘natural’. My favourite picture is probably the guy in this pink hat climbing on the railings, because it is such a surreal scene. He saw me with my camera after I took this photo and laughed out loud, he seemed like a nice guy. I hope he is not too mad at me now, after this photo became so popular.’

From this quote, I can see that his style is very natural. He doesn’t like when his participants pose for the camera. He prefers his subjects natural. He becomes very friendly with his subjects as he shares their sense of humour when socialising with them.


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