Final Image – Presentation Idea

For my final images I am going to take the inspiration of Julien Legrand. He took black and white images and blurred them. I want to do this with my images. With my photographs I don’t mind them not being totally in focus or printed to the best of its ability. What I want is to present the objects in my photographs very dull. To relate to the objective. As all of my images will be in a black and white format. I want to make my images different sizes to each other. This will make my presentation a bit more interesting. The smaller images will make my viewer become more observant to all of the photographs, because it makes the audience look into the smaller images in more detail. I also think that the larger images will work well as they will help contrast with the different images. It will make the audience get the theme before looking into every photograph. Having a white background will allow my photos to stand out. Making each photograph part of the final piece. I have many ideas in my head as to what my presentation will look like. I’ll have to experiment with different techniques to suggest to me which one works the best.