Final Piece

I have printed the images which I thought worked the best. Then have presented them in this format. I want my observer to look deep into the images. This is why I have used Julien Legrand’s work as my inspiration. As I have already mentioned in a previous blog post, his photography is out of focused. Which gave me the technique to have my images out of focus. This is the reason why I haven’t developed my images in the best quality.

Overall I am glad with my piece as it represented what I wanted with my project. I believe that timing wasn’t my strongest point. If I had a bit more time to progress in this project further, I believe that I can create more images to make my project more of a series.

From this project I have learnt how to develop in the dark room, as I hadn’t used this type of equipment before. I have also learnt how to use an analogue camera. Before this project I was very limited with what I could use as a camera go. As I only had my DSLR camera. I am very confident using different tools and techniques with my up coming projects.  In the future I will now know what to do when a problem occurs and I have learnt from my mistakes with this assignment.

Throughout this project, I had my ups and downs. At some points I wanted to give up and start over again, but I stuck with it and continued. There were some issues with my negatives, as they didn’t process in the developing machine properly. With time and effort, I have learnt that good things come to people who wait. Patience is the main thing I have come from this project.

For my next assignment, I will make use of my life wisely and plan ahead.