Creative Digital Practice Introduction

This will be my second project I will be challenging myself with through University. I am excited but very nervous. From my previous project, I learnt that time is my default. So for this project I will write a timetable of what I need to do and when to do it by. Allowing this assignment to have my full attention. I have a very good understanding of each topics that has been placed before me. They are all very broad which was my lecturers intention. To allow me to develop something from a very wide theme.

Ageing Population, International Culture in the UK, Agriculture, Rural life, City Regeneration and Ownership and Property.

There is one initial idea that came to mind when I saw each topics. I wanted to tackle this project for a long time and I finally I have an excuse to start. I want to begin to start my research with the Ageing Population. Doing Sociology at A Level, I have a full understanding of what this term means.

‘Ageing Population –¬†Population ageing is a phenomenon that occurs when the median age of a country or region rises due to rising life expectancy and/or declining birth rates.’

There are many issues that comes with the population ageing. Due to new technology and medicines, people are living longer. This plays an important part in the ageing population. But, is this a big problem?

In the 21st century, it is very easy to suggest that, the old want to be young, and the young want to be old. Is there an in-between? Is there a perfect age? Or is this a myth?

Being a teenager myself, I can identify that the social media plays a use part in the ageing population. The influence that comes with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr is opinion. Social networking is a easy way to express feelings and emotions to the world. Especially from magazines, the perfect image is someone who is skinny, no spots, the best fashion sense, basically Beyonce. There is pressure for teenagers to act more mature than what they are. I certainly feel, being a 18 year old, everyone wants to be the same. Everyone wants to buy the newest line of fashion. Therefore, everyone looks the same! What happened to being individual?????

Some researches suggest that Childhood is becoming non existent. Children are becoming less innocent as time goes on. Violence is become more and more common within the younger generation. What causes this you wonder? With the divorce rate increasing, families are becoming less nuclear. With the symptoms being violence, drug use and other forms of breakdown. However, some might disagree with me. Media such as video gaming brings violence into a Childs life. Let’s be honest, theres not one person who obeyed by the rules of age restriction on video games and movies. Does this bring a bad influence on children? Do we separate the real world from the gaming world, or it is emerging? Is social media changing the way children think? I believe that childhood is finishing earlier than what it used to be. Although our society is very child centred, it is very true to suggest that children’s minds are becoming less innocent. Through films and internet, we develop a new sense of socialisation. We take away what we see from films and games and store it in our brains. It’s exactly like how we go to a foreign country, we take back a bit of an accent.

This theme of work interests me to a great deal and I can’t wait to get started. To begin my research I will be looking online at different websites and videos to help me gain knowledge on this subject.

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