Assignment Update – Creative Digital Practice

At the moment, I am very confused with this project. My confusion has come down to the fact that I have so many ideas that I was to work on, but its just starting it is the problem. I have already posted a blog post about the ageing population idea. The idea that teenagers want to be older than what they are. However, I feel like this idea is very broad and too GCSE like. So now I’m thinking more like a professional photographer. How can I bring my own style to this topic and how can I change my thought process to professional from amateur?

I would like to think of myself as a professional photographer. Anyone with a camera is a photographer. It is very easy for someone to capture a moment instantly. As technology has developed, more and more people are carrying camera in their pockets (mobile phones). I have had a phone with a built in camera since I was 13, and I only got a proper camera until I was 15, then I went onto my DSLR camera when I was 16. So how can I change my view of the world into an artistic approach. Ever since my first day of A Level photography, I’ll always remember my teacher saying, ‘Everyone is a photographer but not everyone is a professional’.

I will be exploring into my ideas and narrow it down to just one.