Progress Update

I am starting to bring all my ideas together as one. I felt that having a lot of ideas had stopped me from just getting on with it and start with something. At the moment, I’ve thought about my project and theme for a long time and have come down to think that the elderly would be a better way to approach this theme. I am very lucky to still have my grandparents whom are both eighty-seven years of age. I want to bring them into my project. To start my research with the elderly, I need to think about what are the issues surrounding the elderly and the ageing population.

  • Care Homes
  • Neglect
  • Abuse
  • Financial Aid
  • Family

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 16.39.56

I have brainstormed issues within the elderly and the above spider diagram is what I have come up with.

Care Homes – There are a lot of issues surrounding care homes. There is a lot of trust that comes with care homes. Before putting a loved one into care there are many issues that come to thought, such as, Can you trust them? What support can they bring? Is there enough care provided? This is an issue that I am very interesting as I have watched many documentaries documenting what it is like in a care home. The elderly is the only way we can remember the past, so we need to take care of them as much as we can or we will lose the true identity of our country.

Family – Many elderly people rely on their family to bring them comfort and company. I love spending time with my grandparents and their friends because they have so many interesting stories to tell about their lives and what they’ve seen. I hope that when I have come to an age where all my friends have passed, my family will bring me love and support. In some cases, family is all what the elderly have left. Therefore they become very dependant on them.

Activities – If an elderly person is not in a care home, what else is there for them to do. I know in my grandparents case, my Nan has become part of her local drama club for the elderly. There are many things the elderly can get a part of but it is accessible to them. Can they travel to these places if they are unable to drive? Are they able to use public transport safely? If there is nothing for them to do, how are they getting fit and keeping in shape?

Finance – Pensions are become a huge issue at the moment. The retirement age is increasing, so there are more people working at the age they shouldn’t be. Does this mean that the government are trying to decreasing the ageing population? Then this comes onto pensions. Are pensions really reasonable? This is something I need to look further into.

Wellbeing – There any many people who are reliant on their to look after themselves. There are so many children of the elderly who are looking after their parents. But this only comes down to one question, is this right? Then this comes onto care homes. Are there enough care homes?

During the next few blog posts I am going to look into these aspects and this will hopefully narrow down my search into a shoot idea.