Banksy – Graffiti/Street Artist

I’m sure everyone has heard of this artist, if you’re not interesting in art at all, Banksy is a common household name. Banksy is a pseudonymous English graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter. His paintings are there as a purpose. To show what needs to be said through art. His identity is unknown to this day but it is believed that he is named Robin Cunningham, however, this is still uncertain. His work is very controversial as his art has some dark humour involved in his designs. His work relates to current political work and comments on social changes in society. His work has been featured on streets, walls and bridges of cities throughout the world.

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Here is just a map of the places in which Banksy has painted and made his mark. As he is an international artist, this is only a map of his work produced in London. We can only imagine how many body of works he has done worldwide today.

Banksy work started on the underground in Bristol, which involved collaborations between artists and musicians. Some have suggested that his work is similar to Blek le Rat who began work with stencils. As Banksy is a street artists, he paints his work visibly on surfaces such as walls and prop peices which are on the streets. As Banksy’s identity is hidden is it hard for him to sell his artwork, therefore he doesn’t photograph or make recreations of his street graffiti, but art auctioneers have been known to attempt to sell his street art on location and leave the problem to remove his work to the winning bidder. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one who removes such amazing artwork off my own property. His work is known to increase a value of a property, which may cause controversy within the art culture.

My favourite piece of art from Banksy is this,


He has made replica of Stonehenge, but he has done this with the use of portable toilets. I like this concept as it was presented at Glastonbury festival. He has brought an artistic way to bring into something that is commonly seen as not an art object. Maybe this is mocking Stonehenge? I have had a look at forums from Glastonbury festival and seen what the festival goers thought of it.

Neal – Toilets in the Stone Circle, they kept us dry

DotCommunist – I love Banksys stuff. This aint his best, but it’s funny nonetheless.

Chip Barm – He takes the piss just like he always has, the victims just change.

ThunderCat – He’s sold work to celebs for example (Angelina Jolie), and was once classed as a normal anonymous graffiti artist who wouldn’t (and still won’t) reveal his indentity (and probs owes the Plod’s thousands of pounds in damages etc). That seems a tad unfair seeing as he can sell paintings which for a Mint, even though regular graffers have been banged up or fined for their ‘crime’. 🙄

AuroraGreen – Banksy’s bloody brilliant. He actually makes art that manages to speak loud and clear. I really admire him. People like Damien Hurst get the real money and yet say very little. I think Banksy’s an inspiration.

From the forum I a gathered a lot of opinions on Banksy’s work and his character. I respect the suggestion that Banksy has hidden his identity to hide from paying the penalty of vandalism. Whereas artists who get caught, get arrested or fined for their crime. This comes back to the question on my project proposal. Is street art vandalism?

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_74317224_1 banksy Bomb-Hugger-by-Banksy cardinalsin02