Change of Idea

Due to circumstances I feel like this project isn’t something that I am passionate about and therefore not motivating me to carry on. I have come to a dead end with this project, and I feel this is stopping me from getting on with my work. Before thinking of another project, I need to know what will be my disadvantages and advantages. The ageing population idea was a good idea but I needed to think about what is accessible to me. I was excited with the idea of photographing my grandparents but as they live two hours away, it was not easy for me to see them and work with them as much as I can.  I need an idea that I am excited about which will motivate me to be inspired. With time not on my side I need to think of something that is accessible to me easily. Something that will get me wanting to take photographs and has a wide range of photographers working on it, so I have a lot of inspiration for shoots.

So I went on a walk and looked at what there is to offer around me. I had the themes in my head and Coventry around me. My initial idea that came to my mind was Graffiti and Street Art. There is a lot of stigma to this idea as some see graffiti as vandalism and Street Art as art. My pictures from Ireland contained ‘Street Art/Graffiti’ and I loved taking them.

DSC_2291 DSC_2289

For this project I am going to define what is Graffiti and what is Street Art and what the difference is between them. Why do people create this and what is the meaning behind them. I think this idea is perfect for me as I live in a city where it is covered in this type of art. I feel that I will be motivated with this project because I am already excited to get started.