Shoot 1

For my first shoot, I went walked around Birmingham and took photographs of what I saw as graffiti\street art. The main thing that is a common style that I saw was gang symbols and coding that only some people know of. I thought that this shoot was successful as I’ve taken pictures of what I expected. I initially thought that this is something that most people thought of when they think of graffiti. I’ve gained some knowledge as to where they are commonly found. I know now that graffiti artists are painting in back alleys and places where is hidden from the public, but is still noticeable. It has also showed me that there is a lot more graffiti than I thought, I have never noticed them before, but when I go out and actually look for them, it is so common. This shoot has helped me become more motivated to take more pictures. I really enjoyed taking these images and I can’t wait to carry on with this project.

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