Shoot 2

For this shoot I took images of what I thought was Street Art in oppose to Graffiti. Many people would identify graffiti as tagging, or messages. Therefore I didn’t take pictures of this, I took photographs of paintings and coloured images. I would say paintings are something that takes more time and thought out clearly in comparison to someone writing a message on a wall. This may be the difference between graffiti and art.

The images I have taken are paintings which I found in Birmingham.  The first three images were found on a gate near the market. This may be a painting which portrays a political message. The image that has been painting on the gate looks like a riot, or a stand against something. Which I will later investigate in another blog post.3Q6A3645  3Q6A3643 3Q6A36363Q6A3634

Another thing which I found that brought to my interest was a drawing of a ghost. I found many different versions of the ghost in different parts of Birmingham. Which bring confusion to my mind, Is this another gang or political statement? Does the Ghost mean anything? Represent something?3Q6A3585 3Q6A3593     3Q6A35833Q6A36693Q6A3615DSC_2435 3Q6A35583Q6A3556   3Q6A3576    3Q6A3639 DSC_2437