Shoot 5 – NFA

While photographing my next shoot I discovered that there are many words and coding in which I didn’t understand. The one coding that I saw frequently was ‘NFA’. I decided to photograph as much ‘NFA’ symbols and I could see. With this shoot I didn’t look out for NFA, I just simply photographed NFA when I saw it. It surprised me how much and how often I saw it. So when I took images of it, I began more and more curious about what it meant. These are the images which I have made showing NFA.

3Q6A3565 3Q6A3566 3Q6A3578 3Q6A3596 3Q6A3625 3Q6A3627 3Q6A3629 3Q6A3703 3Q6A3744 3Q6A3746 3Q6A3747 3Q6A3749

As I am home, I am able to search into what NFA means. From many internet slang websites, I’ve found out that it has many different meanings, the common use of the slang is ‘No Further Action’. This brings many questions to mind. Is this a political message about something which a group disagree with?

However, there are some accounts that NFA means a racist term ‘no fixed abode’. There are many accounts that this term has been used and the ‘artist’ have been jailed. “A teenager has been charged in connection with an incident of racist graffiti, along with four other offences of criminal damage in Bury St Edmunds. The racist graffiti was found in an alleyway near Robert Boby Way, having been committed at some time overnight between Monday 16 February and Tuesday 17 February.The other offences of criminal damage, all involving graffiti, also took place over the same night and were targeted at: a church in Westgate Street; a parked car in St Andrews Street South; a car park stairwell in Charter Square; and on the side of a department store in Charter Square.A 17-year-old boy, of no fixed abode, has been charged with one count of racially aggravated criminal damage and four counts of criminal damage. He has been bailed to appear at West Suffolk Youth Court on Wednesday 11 March.”