Shoot 6

From walking around Birmingham in my previous shoots, I thought Birmingham was the best place to find some artists work. So I went there again to see what I could find! I found this which excited me the most from my previous shoots. It was of a small alleyway beside two office buildings. What interest me the most about this subject is how the gate was locked with heavy chains. Is this a way in which the owners of the buildings, or the governmet are trying to hide this sort of art, as it is seen as vandalism. With this shoot is has shown me that writing on the walls like tagging is not seen as art and is an eyesore to the public.I took some pictures with the bars and padlock in and some without so I can use it in photoshop later on in my project if needs be.

My favourite pictures from this shoot is where I’ve put more emphasis on the padlock. Even though the padlock is in focus, it does not distract the viewer from what is in the background as the colours from the graffiti stand out more. This is because the padlock is dark and gloomy in comparison to the background.    DSC_2446 DSC_2447 DSC_2448 DSC_2449 DSC_2450 DSC_2451 3Q6A3603 3Q6A3604 3Q6A3605 3Q6A3606 3Q6A3607 3Q6A3608 3Q6A3609 3Q6A3610 3Q6A3611 3Q6A3612 3Q6A3613 3Q6A3614