First Project Review Presentation – Feedback

On Friday the thirteenth my class and I were able to present our work to our tutors and our peers. I was so nervous before doing so as I believed that my idea wasn’t strong enough and I hadn’t put enough research into my blog. I was double scared as it was Friday the thirteenth, and something always goes wrong for me. Personally, it is very hard for me to speak to an audience. Even though I did A-level drama, having to speak my own thoughts and not from a script was terrifying. I knew I had to do it, as the feedback I will receive would be very beneficial.

We began the day with laying out our photographs, research, project proposal and blog work on a desk and individually, each student would write an anonymous comment on a piece of paper about what they thought about our work. I was surprised with the results I got through this, as they were all positive.

In the feedback there were suggestions on how to present my work and ideas on which direction to go to for my next shoots.

-Could look into the people that do art/vandalism

-How the locals view/react to the artwork

-Love to see you Photoshop your images on a collage.

-I think the amount of photos you have taken is a great selection. Remember to link what you are trying to say through the images. How will you present this work?

– Graffiti is often been known as art for the working class, perhaps a point to consider.

-Try experimenting with your own graffiti on your images. EG. Write over your photos.

-Birmingham – City of Colours

After this we had a short break to read some of the comments about our work. I am happy with the suggestions in the feedback as it has given me the confidence that I am going in the right direction. It has given me a few more ideas for future shoots and concepts. We then has to give a ten minute presentation on our own work in front of everyone to talk about what we have achieved with our project as well as any worries or concerns we have about anything within our project. This didn’t work to my full advantage, as I’m not the best public speaker, so I forgot some main points I wanted to talk about. As I only had ten minutes, I didn’t feel as if this was enough time to talk about my work in detail. However it was an experience that helped me gain ideas and got what my tutors thought about my work. I told everyone what I discovered with my shoot, and they liked the idea of artist creating their work in the street to make a statement and making their art known on a wider scale.

Here are some of the points that were suggested,

-Invisible City

-Difference between street art and people who decriminalize property with tags

-Ownership of property of the subject or of the graffiti?

-Authorship of the art work (art content)

-Graffiti used to mark out territory.

-Recordings that would be shard, forums –how they use photography – prone themselves

-Some people will add to someone else’s graffiti – living graffiti

-What are your hopes for these images?

-Use the library to look at graffiti books.

More beyond marks on walls

-Make a statement (political)

-Make a statement – ask graffiti artists

-Need more depth to the concept

-Why they are doing it – emotions – protection

-Legal graffiti? Is there such a thing – research?

-Ownership of public space- who owns this, Why haven’t they removed it?

-Reverse – tattoo and make up

I will research into what has been given to me, which hopefully will develop my idea and give me a more specific direction with my work.