Project Proposal – 19/02/15


A brief description of the project you will be carrying out, including the methodology you will adopt, and mode of presentation chosen and where the work will be located.

For my project this term I am going to look at what is the definition of Street Art is in comparison to Graffiti. My underling theme for my body of work is voice, which links back to the brief I chose which is Ownership and Property.

Graffiti is commonly known for gangs to mark their territory upon a location or to express an opinion to society. Graffiti can be a message to society that can’t be expressed in any other way. In some cases, graffiti is there to make a statement through art. Whereas street art is a method which an artists displays their art. Graffiti is a form of vandalism, but is street art the same? Graffiti is commonly seen as words, gang signs, tags or stylized writing of a person’s name, whereas street art is seen as something that has been thought out with planning.

I will be questioning myself throughout this project the following

– Is Graffiti and Street art the same thing?

– Is it a crime/vandalism?

– Do artists or vandals create it?

– Where is this way of art commonly created?

I have gained inspiration from artists such as Banksy. Banksy is known as a street artist but his identity is hidden. I question myself why his identity is hidden? Is he a vandal and hiding is a way in which he keeping himself safe? As many believe that his way of producing art is illegal?

My audience for my work can be broad, as graffiti and street art is accessible to the public. Even though it is not someone’s cup of tea, they have no choice but to look at is as it is an international way that an artists displays their art in public locations.

In terms of how I want my audience to view my work, I want them to be seen through prints. As Graffiti and street art is not viewed through the internet and online sources.


Identify the skills you think you will need to develop, and the resources you envisage being required to enable a successful resolution of your idea within the given time and theme.

There are skills I want to develop for the remainder of this project. There are many cameras in which I have not used before which are accessible to me, which will help my photographs become in better quality. I have so far used a Canon 5D and a Nikon D3100.

I am going to use Photoshop to help my photographs become intense and attractive to my viewer. As my last project was not digitally produced, Photoshop will be a new experience for me. Therefore gaining knowledge in Photoshop will bring my digital images to life and hopefully help me produce my final images.


Plan how you will use the study time allocated for this Module. This would include dates for tutorials, seminars, workshops, shooting, processing, printing, editing, mounting etc. (You are advised to build in a one-week buffer zone – i.e. have everything ready a week before the deadline, as something always goes wrong..!)

Baring in mind that I aim to finish my project a week before the deadline in case anything goes wrong. I have set up a timetable, which I will stick to. Graffiti is everywhere; therefore if I need to shoot something in a short space of time, I can as it is easily accessible to me. I am now going to get on with planning and shooting my final images as well as starting on the presentation of the images that I will have produced. I want my photographs to be done as soon as possible, so I can get started on my presentation. I want to be starting editing my final shots by the end of next week and start thinking how I am going to present them. Therefore I can spend the remainder of the time working on the presentation to the class.


With reference to the Assessment Requirements (see below) and Intended Learning Outcomes for this Module, specify what you intend to achieve by the end of this project and try and summarize what you hope to have learnt. This section should also include a sentence describing how you want your audience to respond to your work – how, ideally it would be appreciated and understood.

By the end of this project I want to show my audience a series of images that differentiate the meaning of graffiti and street art. Maybe my outcome will be different to this, as I may learn that they are very similar or the same. I hope to have learnt about the different styles of street art and this will be exposed in my work. I want my audience to see graffiti as art and not as a form of vandalism. Which is not something the public tent to pay attention and think lightly of. I want my audience to realize its impact to society and how important it is to an artists work.