Next Shoot Idea

I am very happy to where my project is going. I have enjoyed taking pictures of what people call street art and graffiti. It is coming to a stage where I can see the difference myself. However, from my previous shoots, I believe my work had no artistic meaning. All I had done was take pictures of walls and markings I have found. From having a one to one talk with my teacher, I came to the conclusion that I need to have an artistic approach to my photographs, instead of just take pictures of what I see. There are many ideas in which I could direct my work with.

Cropping my Images

This idea come to me as my teacher thought my pictures were not close enough to the main subject. Cropping my images would bring more focus on my main subject, which will make the observer more interested as to what the picture is of.

Following an Artist

Another idea of mine would be to follow an artist around and bring their story into my work. I can see where he/she paints, and what the true meaning behind the paintings. The issue with this idea is that I need to find someone who is willing to be followed, and willing to bring their take on this type of art.


In my previous shoot, I’ve found markings which are very similar. For example, NFA. I have seen lots of tagging in and around Birmingham, which say the same thing, NFA. For my final piece I may be photographing NFA tags and make this as series of work.

I will play around with the photos in which I have at the moment as see which idea suits best. I will need to find artists who have some similar work, to help give me inspiration for my own work.