To help me with my research I composed a questionnaire to find out what people believed to be Graffiti or Street Art or if they are the same thing. I asked ten people to fill out my survey and this is one of which I have got back.


The first question and answer was,

Q: What do you think of Graffiti when it comes to mind?

A: -Street Art

– Paint

– Tagging

– Banksy

Q: Would you say the markings on this picture is art?

A: No, Its more of a tag

Q: Is Graffiti Vandalism? Why?

A: No because some are considered and look like art and others look like someone has gone out of their way to ruin something

Q: What are your thoughts on Graffiti? Should it exist? Is it the right way in which an artist displays their artwork?

A: I like it when it actually looks like art and has a meaning

From this questionnaire it shows me that tagging isn’t considered as a form of art. This is what I want to change.