Cropping My Images

From my questionnaire, I found out that most of the people I asked, showed no respect for gang signs and other messaging on walls. Therefore, I believe that the public see tagging as an eyesore. With my body of work I want to change their opinion. To do this I have to think out side of the box. I have to change what is known as tagging and gang related symbols into art.

An Idea which my lecturer gave me is to crop some of my images, to show the fine lines of the writing itself. I liked this idea so I tried it out.



I think this work works well as it distracts the viewer from looking at the work as vandalism or tagging. I have put the original image on top of the cropped images to reduce any confusion. Having cropped the images, the observer can see the texture of the wall, wether it be rusted or bumpy. Which give more depth in the picture. On the first picture you can see a clean arrow that has been drawn, on top of an old piece of text. If I were walking down the street and saw this I wouldn’t notice that the markings were drawn on top of another set of markings. Which brings more interest to the photograph. With the second picture, the observer can see more clearly the texture of the wall that the writing has been placed, with the picture not cropped, this wouldn’t be of an interest as it would be hard to investigate. With the third and final image, I made it a long portrait picture. Making the lines go horizontal. This is making the lines look less like graffiti but more artistic lines. The squares in the background become a main subject in the picture and shows where the eyes should be looking.

I like how this technique has turned out. For my next shoot I will be taking pictures but at a closer angle. So instead of cropping my images after taking them. I will be pitting my camera closer to my subject for a better view.