Final Piece

MY WORK IS FINALLY COMPLETED! I have finished everything that needs to be done for this project and I have never felt so light in three months. I have enjoyed this project so much, I hate it that I have to let it go.

I picked up my printed prints and thought about how I am going to present them. I finalised my images to just three. I believe that having loads of images as a series would be less effective as the viewer would have a lot to look at. Only having three images will allow the observer to look at each photograph in more detail. These are the images which I have printed out. DSC_2536 DSC_2534 DSC_2533

I was really happy at how my prints came out, I didn’t want it to be printed in glossy paper as the shine would create a reflection. I wanted to present my pictures in a frame as I want to make this work look professional as possible. So I went to ikea five days before my deadline date. I can say now that I haven’t been more stressed about finding a frame in my life. If you didn’t know, Ikea is a very big place. I had to go up to the sixth floor (with the lift broken) just to get to the Home Decorating department. I then battled my way through the millions of room decorations to find frames. I finally found the frame that was the perfect size for my images. I choose a black frame to enhance the colour in my pictures. The one thing I would change in this process was to bring someone with me to Ikea, to help me find what I wanted, as this would saved a lot of time. I am much more happier and confident with my final piece than last term. I definitely improved my research as I used a sketch book.


I hate to say goodbye to this project as I have loved conducting research and producing a sketchbook. I have defiantly gained more knowledge into graffiti and artists I wouldn’t of heard of before this project. I can’t wait to start working for my next assignment, as I wish I still have the motivation from this one.