Presentation Ideas

Now that I have produced and finalised my images, all there is left to do is to present my work. I have a few ideas that I’m not sure with so I am going to bullet point them down and see which some I have more interest in.

  • Display Images as Street Art – As my project is on graffiti, I want to make my images to become street art. Within my research, I have identified that street art is just a way that an artist displays their work. Therefore, I think it would be a perfect way to display mine. The only downfall of this is that I’m not a painter or an artist that works with drawings. So instead of painting my images on, I will have to stick my images on a wall or pavement.
  • Framing – My final images is my attempt to present graffiti in a brighter light. Instead of it being an eyesore, I want to make it something people appreciate and look at in more depth. In this case, it would be a good idea to present my pictures professionally. Such as, placing my images in a frame, so graffiti is shown in a professional atmosphere.
  • Book – My final set of images are going to be presented as a series of images. Therefore a book would be a good idea as each page could be made for one image. Allowing my viewers to look at each picture in more detail. However, this process would take more time to make because printing will take at least two weeks to finalise.

With my ideas in front of me, I am going to try out two of them. I believe that my first two bullet points would be more practical and it will allow more people to see my work.