Working With Life – First Response

For this term I have been given the task to produce a photo book, containing a narrative piece of work and the title is Working With Life. This seems quite simple from a first glance, and I was confident with how broad this assignment was, as I am allowed to choose anything I want with this topic. However, as this brief is so broad, I don’t know where to start. With all my projects, I have always been given a starting point, allowing me to underpin what I want to research into to find my final outcome. But this time, I have no lead to help me.

For my last project I used a sketchbook to help me gather my research. I liked this way of working as I can add and go back to any research quickly. I will be continuing making a sketchbook for this topic as my previous one.

From here, it’s wherever my research takes me. As I have to do a narrative piece of work I am going to research on what other photographers have done and see if this interests me in any way. As with my previous project I don’t want to change my idea midway, as it will waste a lot of time. Therefore I need to identify what I actually want to produce and how to get there.

Unlike my previous work, I have to produce a book. I haven’t done this before so this makes me very nervous. From talking to my peers whom have made books, their tip was to plan ahead as printing times more time than expected. Therefore I will make a timetable and work backwards. It will roughly take a week for my pictures to be printed to a good quality so I need to have my final images ready a week before the deadline. They also suggested to make a book in advance. As I don’t want to ruin my prints if making the book goes wrong.

Overall, I am not very confident on starting this project as I have no idea where its going to lead me in producing but I am sure the final outcome will be as a good standard.