152MC – Inspirational Pack

I was given a pack filled with inspirational information/things, which may help me start thinking about trying something new for this assignment. Each student got different packs and the list below shows a lists of things which was included in my one,

– Auido CD

-The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly – by Sun-Mi Hwang

– Pages from Phantom Pain – by Lydia Peelle

– Newspaper Article

– Image by Robert Adams

– QR Code

– Picture of a Book

– Page from The New Nature Writing – by Jason Cowley

– Polaroid

– ‘The Next Thing You Regret’ quote

All of these things are which I haven’t seen before and thought of considering looking at for this assignment. By looking into each thing in the pack in detail will give me knowledge and inspiration on how to start my project. Starting from now I will be researching into everything, which was in my pack to help me bring a stronger project to present.