152MC – Pitching Three Ideas

On Friday I had an opportunity for me to express my ideas to a group of students in the class and my lecturer. This helped me tremendously. Before Friday I had my ideas in my head and not on paper. Once I went through each idea, they gave me critical and positive thoughts about my thoughts. Also they gave me useful artists and bodies of work to research into. Here are the ideas which I talked to the class about,


I wanted to do a body of work on the human body. Expressing how much we use parts of our body. I recently watched a toothpaste advert on television, which showed how much we use our mouth and teeth during a day. I thought I can incorporate this with my work as I am interested in the human skin and the marks that we get from daily experiences. I don’t know about you but sometimes marks or bruised come up on my body from no where. This is what I am interested in and the different styles of marks. I like the idea how our skin changes in temperature. For example, if I’m cold my hands turn a pale or even blueish colour really easily, whereas if I’m really hot, they go red. Also I can experiment with marks on our body from jewellery and clothing. For example, a mark where a ring has been on a finger or the shape of a bra around the back. The notes I made from this pitch were mainly key words to help me think about what I should be thinking of. Behaviour, mannerisms, anxiety and texture. These were some of the words which I jotted down to help me think of different aspects of how the body works. An idea which Emma gave me was to talk to people who don’t have hands, or someone who has a loss of some of the five senses we have. I think this would be a good way to start as my parents are deaf. I can talk to them and see how they communicate/go about their everyday life. Matt gave me Peter Dekens body of work called Touch to look at, which I will do in another blog post. As this work has got to be a narrative piece of work, I thought this would be a perfect suited body of work as I can document how the body changes throughout a day due to temperature etc. I like this idea as I can experiment with different things. I will do some shoots to help me with this shoot to see if I want to go further with this project idea.


I have seen a few artists whom have done this idea and I’ve always wanted to try it. I want to do this project as my family will be its main audience and participants. This will be a very personal project which I am excited about. In some ways the pictures I could produce can be humorous, depending on what childhood images I will put forward. I have many childhood images from when my siblings and I were very little. Now that my brothers are 27, 26 and I’m 18, it would be funny now we can act out what we were like in childhood images. Also it will be very easy accessible for me as my brother could scan images and send them to me through messaging. Therefore I wouldn’t need to travel home all the time. Also, I am home for the next three weeks for me to experiment with my family and how my brothers will act in front of the camera. Theres no harm in trying so I will play around with some pictures and see how they turn out. This will suit the narrative way of working as I will tell a story from when my brothers were young and to compare to how they are now. I can also not only do this with my brothers but with other families. To be completely honest with myself, my brothers aren’t the dramatic type and whom are not very confident in acting, especially when its in front of a camera. So I could try it with other families, or my grandparents. In the next three weeks this is what I will be experimenting with to see how they turn out and if I will continue with this approach for this project.


As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post is that I am very interested in lines and a structure of an image. This is a style in which a photographer uses to bring a stylistic view into a photograph. I want to experiement with different objects that make lines and texture. When I thought of what makes likes, which is not seen as art itself, I instantly thought of scaffolding. Artists such as Ben Long, who’ve made sculptures with scaffolding parts. This is an idea which I have only thought about briefly. I will look more into photographers that used this and see what I can come up with.


This was an idea which I had after pitching my first three ideas, I didn’t express this to Matt yet, but I will experiment with it before talking to him. I went on holiday to Cornwall and camped in Crackington Haven, where there is hardly any pollution or buildings. I loved it there, as the air was so clear and the sea was right next to where I was staying. I could go on and on about how lovely it was but that is probably for another blog post. When I was there the sky was absolutely beautifully lit by the stars at night. I loved how much stars I could see in a rural environment. For this idea I want to document how the sky changes during a whole day. I can use a time-lapse to video the way the sky changes. Also I could compare how the sky is in a rural environment to a city based area. As I know the sky would be clouded and jammed with pollution.

I love each idea equally but the ones that I am thinking of wanting to do is Idea 2 and 3. However, I will experiment with each idea and see how it goes.