152MC – Idea 1: Hands

This was my first idea which I pitched to Matt and a group of my class mates. I felt that Matt was more excited by this idea as he gave me lots of bodies of work and inspirational topics. However, I’m not too excited as this idea isn’t as strong as my other ideas, but I’ll give this one a try and see what research I can come out of it. First thing I want to do with this project is to take pictures of my hands and compare it to someone who is much older than me, to see what the differences are. I’ll be experimenting with a macro lens to help me see actual detail in the skin and which will expose lines to the observer. This will come under the inspiration of Veniamin Skorodumov body of work which I will mention in another post.

When pitching this idea Matt told me to look at Peter Dekens body of work called Touch. I will dig into this body of work in another blog post as I feel that I can talk about that work forever.

For the next part of this blog post, I’m going to show a series of images from different photographers as an ‘inspiration board’ to help give me ideas on what I want to show in my photography.


Photographer : Benoit Courti


Photographer: Daniel Bayer


Photographer : Peter Gray