152MC – Veniamin Skorodumov

For this module I have produce a series of still images go into a book that I have created with a narrative meaning. When thinking of still images, I instantly thought of still life photography. One of my favourite still life photographers is Veniamin Skorodumov. He is a Russian artist whom began his photography career in 2005, during which he has built up a portfolio full of landscape, macro, portreit, nude, and still life images. The talents of Skorodumov caught our eye when we came across his brilliant Black and White Geometry series, which is stunning in its simplicity. His series of Still Life images is called ‘ Black and White Geometry’. Photos shown in this series are here,

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As I’ve mentioned in my blog post expressing my ideas, I love lines and structure that makes an image. I believe that this artist truly shows how colour and shape are important to an image. I would like to use this technique in my style of work when I continue my research on idea 3 – Art of Scaffolding. As Scaffolding will create lines and imagery which may not be considered as art.