152MC – Update on Ideas

Throughout my time researching into different ideas which have come my way, it has been a struggle for me to actually narrow down the ideas which are the both accessible and practical to me. Looking through all of my ideas, I have come to the conclusion to look into some more, and get rid of the ones which would be difficult for me to do. At the moment, I have researched a little bit more into some more ideas which has interested me more than my previous concepts. I have three ideas which I can definitely go forward with as it is a responsible way to approach this assignment.

The ideas which I will be going to do is,

1. Visual diary – Taking a single picture everyday which has made my day better. Whether it’s a meal I’ve cooked to a view from a window. The audience for this project will be mainly me, as it is a reminder what has made me happy and what I have done during a day. Instagram is the main source which gave me this idea, as there are many people who post pictures for themselves and to share it with the people around them. Taking a photograph everyday is a bit like the ‘365 project’ that many photographers do, which tale taking a picture everyday for a year. I will look at these projects as inspiration as it may give me some guidelines and themes to look for when photographing.  I am excited to see where this leads me and what photographs I will produce.

2. Senses – So far I have taken pictures of hands. This is to represent the details in our skin and some marks that may appear that we don’t know about. After looking at a recommended artist by Matt, my lecturer, Peter Dekens body of work ‘Touch’. It gave me an idea which may come to interest. Touch is a body of work of a blind man who uses his sense of touch to help him with his everyday life. As both of my parents are deaf, I can use them as my subjects. I feel sometimes the deaf are forgotten about, as deaf can be known to high authorities as not a disability. I want to take photographs of some of the materials which my parents need to help them live like a normal person.

3. Downtown fashions. Street photography of the most interestingly dressed people in the downtown area of the city. No matter where I shoot, it is guaranteed that I’ll find some interesting people dressed in some very different outfits.  Spend several nights downtown photographing many different people. Culture can be in interesting aspect of this idea, which I can underline. It’s worth a try and if I get no luck, then I can look further into the other ideas I have discussed.