152MC – Visual Diary on Instagram

Instagram is probably my favourite social media sites that I use. It’s my favourite app on my phone and is the most talked about in conversation. Its fair to say that I post a lot of pictures on there, either it being a meal that I’m about to eat, or being with friends, I always feel the need to post a picture on Instagram to share an experience. Being a photography student probably made my obsession with Instagram develop stronger as I love looking at the style of images and how someone sees the world. So far on my Instagram I have taken pictures on my iPhone. I feel this is the best way to represent a true image of someones life to a DSLR. In some ways a DSLR is forcing the photographer to be more artistic with the final image, playing around with the depth of field or adjusting the exposure/IOS with make a subject look better than what is it in real life. In some ways, it can be argued that this doesn’t represent something in its natural form. Almost like when you look at a restaurant menu and you see the most beautiful ice cream, and when you come to order it, it looks completely different.

My Instagram is something which is personal to me as it’s my life in photographs. For this assignment, I want to create something for myself to look back on. I’ve attached some of the pictures to show how I use Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 17.34.35

Not only for a personal use, but I use Instagram to also show my photography. This is a great way to display my photographs without boasting about it. Instagram is a photography app, so I use this to my advantage with my photographs from different bodies of work.