152MC – Clouds 365 – Kelly DeLay

In my recent blog post I found myself interested in a ‘visual diary’. This is very similar to the summer task I did in 2014, but I wanted to do something more extended than a series of pictures documenting one day. Instagram is a social media site where people can share their images of how they see the world around them. I think this site is perfect as it shows how people interpret the world around them. I want to research into photographers that take pictures daily and document it as their life. Many photographers have done the ‘365 project’ which is very popular with photographers. When looking into photographers whom have successfully completed their 365 project, Kelly DeLay was the photographer who I saw as inspirational which could help me with my work. clouds365-1800-590x218 From just this photo you can tell what his photography is about. He started his project on the 1st July, 2009 and finished on the 30th June, 2014. Which means this project lasted five years, or 1825 days later. ‘I love this project; I always will. I love the support I have received over the years, which has been amazing and humbling. I love what the project has taught me about myself and what I am capable of, and I am proud of the level of creativity I have been able to maintain. I love what it has taught my children and how it has allowed us to play and learn together. What I have learned in the past four years has been astounding (about my equipment, processes, weather, printing, social media, myself, and on and on). I’m proud of what the Clouds 365 Project has accomplished, for me and for the community. Because of the work I started in Clouds 365, I have become an environmental / weather photographer. It’s who I am now. And I’m grateful for what you’ve done for me as well. You have pushed me, and you have made me a better person, artist and photographer.’ He decided to finish the 365 project as he explains that he would jump out of bed ready to photograph the sunrise or travel hundreds of miles in search of a great location or storms, which he loves to do. But he explains that ‘there were those days, though: the sixty days out of the year that have clear skies, smog, 110° days, birthday parties, illness, etc. that sometimes made it difficult. Moreover, the areas around me—my favorite fields for sunrise and sunset, for capturing the flight of a hawk or the quiet of a misty morning—are disappearing. Trees are being bulldozed here, roads paved, and houses built on what once felt like my windows to the sky.’ In the first idea post I explained doing a series of photographers of the sky, showing the different weathers and development of the day. This type of project links very well with that idea, and I sort of which I could carry that on, so thats what I’ll be doing. I feel that taking a picture of the sky everyday can be very easy so I’m going to try new ways to incorporate my style into the pictures to make it more interesting and make it more than just a pretty picture of the sky. I feel that taking a picture everyday can put pressure on me as I know there are going to be days where something will go wrong, whether it be the lighting isn’t right or the subject isn’t as good as what I want to show it in the picture but I am prepared to take on this responsibility for myself. I think things ‘going wrong’ is a good thing as it will help me criticise my work and help me overcome some issues with photography that may not have come to play before so I’m excited to tackle some of these problems. Taking photographs everyday will develop my own identity as a photographer, as I will look back on the photographers I have produced and view a theme. Which I may not have discovered before. I’m going to be looking into more photographers that use the 365 project and see where the inspiration takes me.