152MC – YouTube – Documenting (Vlogging)

With this project I’ve been looking at people documenting their life in different ways through many different mediums. I’ve looked into the 365 project where people have take a picture everyday for a year, and I’ve looked at Instagram. I want to look into other types of mediums and social networking to display their life. Personally, I love watching vlogs. Vlogs are like blogs but done through video and this is mainly produced through Youtube. The main ‘Youtuber’ I watch is Shay Carl, and his quote is ‘If life’s worth living, its worth recording’. I love this saying as it shows why people are producing film, photographs and many more mediums of their life. Well known vloggers have millions of subscribers which show that people are interested in other peoples lives, and how they see the world.

I’ve been watching people do vlogs and I see how it can be interesting to watch, but I wouldn’t say that vlogging is an art. Looking into more videos I came around people taking portraits of themselves for a long period amount of time, and documenting this through video.