152MC – The 5 Senses Project

Previously I have done a shoot of hands. Showing the detail and texture that is within our hands that we may not be able to see with the naked eye. Lines was the main theme I was looking into with that shoot but I feel like the idea had stopped there. I had no inspiration to carry it on in a different direction. However, looking into Peter Dekens work I have began to look at the sense that we have. Sight, Tough, Feel, Smell and Hearing. I want to explore my project further with this as I feel this can go in many different directions. I will test out all of the senses in different shoots and see where this takes me. Also I will research into photographers that use this theme and see what they have achieved.

I’m sure that everyone knows what the 5 senses are but these are the list of things which I will touch upon and ideas I have within them.

Sight – Sight is what we see, it can be effected from birth, or from an innocent that happens after birth. Sight can be effected by blindness, either colour blindness or or regular blindness. Another instance of sight being effected is if you are short or long sighted, most blindness can be corrected with glasses or contacts, however some people require laser eye surgery, however this also comes with its risks. Peter Dekens work looks upon this sense. He photographs a man who is blind in his natural surroundings. This has become a huge inspiration in my work as it has lead me to look onto the senses and see where this will direct my photography. I don’t know how I will show sight in my photography, but I don’t want to do the obvious and take pictures of eyes. So I will try and research into different ways I can portray this.

Hearing – We hear due to sound waves travelling through the air and into our ear drums, the longer the distance and the further the waves have to travel the less sound we hear, people who are deaf are unable to hear, sometimes this can be fixed with hearing aids or surgery but it is not always curable. Both of my parents are deaf so I am very interested in this sense. I want to bring my parents in this idea, a lot like how Peter Deken’s uses his subject. I want to bring my own technique and see where it takes me.

Taste – Taste is the sensation we get when particles our felt with our tongue, this allows us to detect if something is spicy, hot, cold, sour, sweet, or salty. Almost everyone registers spice differently meaning some people can handle more spice than others.

Touch – Touch is what happens when any of our nerves come into contact with another object, touch allows us to feel if something is cold, hot, soft, or hard. Touch can be effected due to things such as nerve endings being broken, this can result in no feeling what so ever to that area of the body.

Smell – Smell allows us to sense if things either smell nice, or bad, an example of this would be a rotten meat vs a flower, as a flower is going to smell much nicer than old, rotten meat. some people can be born without the ability to smell, this can be dangerous as if something was to catch fire you would be unable to smell the smoke, and by this time it could be too late. People often try to improve how they smell to increase they’re chances socially, as someone who smells badly, is often ignored or even bullied due to it.