154MC – Artefact informed by Extra-Curricular Activity

As part of 154MC I had to produce an artefact that was self-directed from an extra curriculum activity. I have decided to include my photoshoot that I did of a dress rehearsal at The Brentwood Theatre of Seasons Greetings. ‘Season’s Greetings is a 1980 play by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn. It is a black, though often farcical, comedy about a dysfunctional family Christmas, set over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day in an average English suburban house.’

I did this shoot as I was asked to by my Grandmother who was director for this play. I felt like this was an opportunity, That allowed me to gain experience on what it will be like to be a paid photographer. I was always interested in theatre photography as I had done Drama for A Level. I knew everything there was to know about theatre lighting so this helped me with this shoot. Although I knew the majority of the people who I was photographing, this came to my advantage because I was more confident with what I was doing. I was scared to start, as it was a lot of responsibility and pressure to take on.

For this shoot I took my Nikon D3100, as I was a beginner in photography, this was the only DSLR that I owned so I was hoping that this camera wouldn’t let me down. I also took a wide-angle lens so I can get the whole stage in frame if needed to. I also brought my tripod with me to help me steady the camera.

From this experience, I hate to say that it put me off take photos in a theatre. There were moments where I missed a good shot and expression. As this was a dress rehearsal, there were a lot of stops to react a scene. This showed me that I did not have any patience as I was photographing one scene for too long. The actors in this shoot would move very fast so in some shots the subject would be blurred. By the end of the day everyone was very tired, which showed in my pictures. Although I don’t plan on being a theatre photographer anytime soon, it gave me an insight into set design and the lighting. As I’ve mentioned before that I studied drama at A level, this shoot brought back my love and passion for drama.

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