152MC – Emma Case

Emma Case is a photographer whom photographed the deaf community in Ndola in Zambia. She visited these people to document the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing people for the Sound Seekers charity. While she was there she made a video showing a glimpse of what the deaf culture was like in that country. Although it is a very short video, I can see that their lives are no different from anyone else’s. The people in the video seem very happy and going on with their life as normal.

Here is what she thought about her time in Ndola,

‘The past few days I have laughed, cried, danced, signed, learnt, taught… but most of all I fallen in love. In love with Zambia.. with Zambians.. with the amazing work that Sound Seekers is doing here.. and with all the Deaf children that I have been lucky enough to meet on this trip. Spending time at their school is one of the best experiences of my life and one that I will never, ever forget. Within minutes of arriving their smiles were infectious and I had about 20 children surrounding me making me teach them the BSL alphabet and then they wanted to know every word… good, happy, hungry, proud, school.. all giggling and showing each other the differences between the languages.’

Emma spent time with deaf children at a school, which in the video, they were signing to each other. In my Grandmothers story, she explains that Alison’s school did not believe in signing to their children, as it did not allow them to communicate with hearing people. For my next blog post I am going to do a bit more research into what deaf schools do for their pupils and what their morals are. Do deaf schools teach their students how to be hearing. If deafness is just another language, does this mean it’s the same if a person were Italian.

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