152MC – Fear Of Becoming Deaf by Mishudo


Mishudo is a photographer which I’ve gained interested in. I looked at his series of images with different titles that company the images that he produces. The one above relates to my project the most as it’s called ‘Fear Of Becoming Deaf’. At first I found this picture quite confusing. As it looks like theres red thread thats coming out of her ear. So I tried to look at the description with this photo, but this only has a few sentences from Mishudo. ‘The 11th photo in my series of fears for my senior exhibition.’ So from this I got that he’s done other pictures of the different fears that people have. I looked at his other pictures within this series and they are called, ‘Fear Of Demans’, ‘Fear Of Technology’, ‘Fear of Temptation’ and ‘Fear of Memory Loss’. As I believe that this picture is only beneficial for my project, I’m going to evaluate this one above. As I said at the start of this blog post, when I saw this picture I was instantly confused. Where is the red thread leading to and why is it going up?. Is she looking away from the red thread because she’s ignoring that she is deaf? Is she even deaf? Maybe red symbolises that being deaf is a bad thing. The title for this image is Fear Of Becoming Deaf. So why is it a fear if deafness isn’t seen as a disability for some. I don’t understand why people believe that deafness isn’t a disability when they wouldn’t want to become deaf. There are so many questions that I’m holding in as I can use them for a questionnaire for my subject.

These are some of the other images that Mishudo has produced.


Fear Of Memory Loss


Fear Of Death


Fear Of Rejection

This image got to attention also. This reminds me of the image in my most recent blog post of showing the shadows of the sign language.