152MC – Research for Future Shoots

When researching into different photographers that work with the deaf community, I came across this picture.


I thought this would be a good idea to try out myself. Using sign language as a shadow on a wall or backboard. I will need to get an understanding with sign language and know what words are in order for me to use this idea. This will be a shoot that I might not use for my final images, but it will help me gain some inspiration on how I can incorporate deafness into photography.  The picture came from google images when I typed in ‘deaf photography’ I then looked at the website it came from but it the text included in the website doesn’t really relate to my project and what I want to portray.


I then saw this picture when looking through google images. I thought this was a good idea to do to show themes within my work. So this is something I want to bring into my photography project. I looked at the website that came from and it comes from Pinterest, as an idea for a wedding invitation. I thought this is a good idea to show main words that will relate to my theme.