152MC – Review of My Life in a Silent World

Once I read what my Mother wrote as her story to her life. I was shocked to see what her life really was like when she was younger. The story begins with ‘My Life in a Silent World’. I didn’t ask my Mother to name her story as she did, but I think this title will come to play in my narrative book. I could use this as the title for my book, as my book will be all about my Mother, so maybe it’s in her right to name ‘her’ book. When reading it, many things were useful to me and I could use quotes from this story to be in my essay. However, there are some specific things I wanted out of her essay, like ‘education, schooling, relationships, etc. So I think a questionnaire or interview will become helpful for me to get specific detail for my work. My Mum said in her story that she was pulled over in Ireland and was said that deaf people were not allowed to drive in that country. It brings me to think wether society has changed since my Mother was younger. Was deafness a disability and it changed into something more common, which lead it being not a disability? It deafness viewed differently in other countries than it is in the UK? I want to do more research into this as it has interested me to find an answer. In the last paragraph of her story she mentioned that she felt her children were reluctant to bring friends home. I wondered wether this is because they feel embarrassed to have parents who were ‘different’ than normal parents. As I am one of Alison’s children, I do not want my involvement to change my Mothers opinions, this is why I will not be my story on what it was like growing up for me. Therefore I’m going to ask my brother Richard, to write his view on deafness. As Richard is the oldest child, I believe his story will be much different then mine as he did not have older siblings living with him when he was a child. Maybe he had to take on the role as a carer to the other children that my Mum had or even his own parents.