My deadline for the module is getting closer and closer. Therefore I need to think about what style I want my book to be. Ed Ruscha created and accordion style book for his project, Every Building On The Sunset Strip. This presentation works well as it shows the subject matter that he is presenting: the strip of buildings. In his accordion, all of the pictures work together as it almost looks like one whole picture. Ruscha’s book is 25 feet long and gives the audience two separate but continuous views of the Sunset strip, this shows a very similar view to what Ed Ruscha saw himself as he was taking the images, making this a very effective method to present his work. I am thinking of using an accordion style book to represent my work as it shows that Alison’s life is continuing. Although my project is very different from Ed Ruschas project, the style of presentation can be shown in a similar way. Ruscha is documenting the buildings whereas I’m documenting someones life. Maybe our work is similar in the way of theme. An accordion book can still be flicked through with pages like a book. An accordion style can be opened which is similar to my project theme. Opening my Mums life to others and representing the deaf community as a whole. Showing the audience that there is so much more to what a normal person would think about deafness. I am going to look more into this presentation style, and going to look into different styles to help me decide what to do for my final book.

The pictures below show Ed Ruscha book: Every Building on the Sunset Strip and how an accordion style book is presented.

458530-14_a every-building-on-the-sunset-strip_1 sf9 tumblr_mkzu4zEQFw1r146zvo1_1280