152MC – Thoughts on Photobook Making

On Friday Matt and Emma showed the class how and what books we could make and present. I need to think about what stye of books will be appropriate for my project and what will bring my images to life.

The one thing I need to think of before creating my book is how I want the audience to experience my work. Each viewer views my work differently to others, because of who they are as a person. What beliefs they have, their background, how they were brought up and their own opinions. To be a successful producer, the aim of the photobook is to mirror the point of views of both the viewer and the creator. So everyone takes the same opinions from the work. All of the choices that I make that contribute to the making of this book, should help provide the intentioned of the body of work. Otherwise, there will be a confusion of what the body of work is trying to tell and represent. I believe that text will help the understanding of my images. Text is extra information for the viewer that will help bring the save point of view across. I am going to interview my Mum and Dad, which will provide me with text that I can include to accompany my images inside my book for my final piece.

As my book contains a story, I need to consider the positioning of my images on the page. As the viewer will follow the book as a collection. When the viewer looks at an image, they may have a feeling which will bring impact to the next image on the next page. Therefore I need to think about the spacing and measuring in my book. As this will be my book, I can present it however I want it to be. So having a black page, will need to have a meaning to it. Everything will need to have an explanation. Personally, when I view photobooks, I like how the creator includes blank pages, as it gives me time to think about what I’ve just seen and allow me to process what are my opinions on it.