152MC – Hearing Aid Shoot

I asked my Mother to give me things that helped her with her disability. The obvious accessory that everyone thinks about when thinking about the deaf is a hearing aid. Hearing aids come in all different shapes and sizes. Some work differently to others and each of them are specialised for different people. Deaf people have a percentage on how much they can’t hear. So some deaf people may not even need a hearing aid. However my Mother is 96% deaf without a hearing aid, so it is pretty clear that she needs one to help her hear. I didn’t want this shoot to be perfect, as I want my book to be in a notebook form, as if it’s my Mums diary of her life. So by not having the perfect images taken in a studio helps brings personality to the images which makes the book more person and intimate for the viewer. I liked how this shoot turned out because they are just still life pictures. I only want to display hearing aids how they are. They are not brand new, they are not in perfect condition, which helps the story come to life a bit more. I want to do research more into hearing aids and see how they work. It is pretty remarkable how this piece of technology can help someone with absolutely no hearing, hear something for the first time. Technology is AMAZING!

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